Money and income can be a sensitive subject for a lot of people. For many of us it’s a struggle. And with the current economy, it’s gotten even harder.

And for pet parents, taking care of our pets is a big worry. Can we get them a new toy to keep busy with? Will we have enough money in this paycheck to get their food? What happens if they need emergency vet care?

It makes it very stressful. After all we want the best for our pets. Often, we put their needs before ours and do without so we can give them more.

There are a lot of reasons we want or need to save money

  • To make sure we can afford any emergencies that might come up with our pets
  • To have money to afford better food and care for our pets
  • To have money for some extras for our pets
  • To have a little more room in our budget so you aren’t living paycheck to paycheck

We all have our own reason for want to save money for wanting to save money caring for our pets. Each of our “whys” is important and can help motivate us to reach what ever our savings goal is.

When finances are a struggle, it’s easy to feel like we are not good pet parents because we can’t afford the top of the line for our pets. It’s important to know, no matter what our circumstances, we should never feel ashamed for trying to do the best we can for our pets.

And know that you are not alone.