Strategic buying is probably one of the best ways to save money when shopping for new dog toys. It’s definitely the way you think of saving first.

When the toy budget is low, another way to save money is to make the dog toys you have last longer. That way you don’t have to buy toys as often.

There is always the usual sewing up of ripped toys especially your dog’s favorites, but there are other ways you can prolong your dog toys’ lives.

Tips to Get More Life from Your Dog Toys

    1. Know your dog’s play style and buy toys that fit it. If your dog goes for the squeaky heart first, buy toys with no squeaker. If they like to destuff, buy stuffingless toys. Buying toys your dog is less likely to destroy gives you toys that should last longer.
    2. Remove any tags or hanging threads that are part of the toy. Get rid of those points of weaknesses that dogs hone in on and tend to obsess with when they first get the toy.
    3. Rotate those toys. Make something old new again! Instead of letting your dog have access to all their toys and get bored of them, put some toys away. Then after a period of time pull those toys out and put the toys that have been out away. Play. Rotate. Repeat!
    4. Exchange toys with a friend and their dog. Both of you bundle up a group of toys and switch. It will be like getting new toys to your dog.
    5. Play with the toys in other ways with your dog so they don’t have time to destroy. If the only way your dog plays with toys is to sit and chew on them, they are going to get destroyed. Incorporate some other types of play with games like hiding the toy and having them find it. Tug or fetch all have your dog interacting with them other other ways besides destructo mode.

    Sure, these tips aren’t going to save you huge amounts of money, but they will help stretch out the budget and keep your dog happy.

    Have you tried any of these tips?

    Do you have a favorite tip for making dog toys last longer?

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