I don’t know about you, but I love spoiling my dogs by buying them toys. I mean, is there anything more joyful than watching your pup with a brand new stuffie?

But when you have budget constraints, buying toys becomes an occasional thing rather than a regular things. And you try to make the toys you have last longer.

It’s been a challenge, especially when I had Jack Russells who could dismember a toy in less than a half hour after receiving a new toy. Over the years, I’ve learned some ways to keep the toys plentiful in our house.

Ways to Save Money When Buying Dog Toys

  1. Look for “indestructible” toys. But keep in mind nothing is indestructible. There are always dogs who challenge that claim and win. Sometimes these toys come with a money-back guarantee so bonus for those dogs that put the claim to shame.
  2. Stock up when on sale. So obvious, but it never hurts to be reminded. It might take some patience to wait and see if your dog’s favorite toys come on sale, but the money saved is worth it.
  3. Buy toys in batches. Look for toys have discounts like buy 3 get 1 free or have reduced prices per individual toys the more you buy.
  4. Buy holiday-themed toys after the holiday. While it’s nice to get in the holiday spirit and buy say Christmas toys before Christmas so your dog can open and play with them on Christmas, there is nothing like an after Christmas sale to save some money. My dogs have never cared that Christmas was over and they were playing with a Christmas toy, but you could always stash them away for next year if you want to stay in season.
  5. Look for toys that don’t have a lot of appendages and doohickeys on them. Simpler may be better for some dogs. Those extra pieces can be huge points of interest for dogs looking for vulnerable areas to access toy innards.
  6. Go squeakerless. I could always count on my dogs going for the little squeaky hearts first when they got a toy. And getting to them often meant ripping the toy apart. RIP sweet dog toy.
  7. Go in with some friends and buy in bulk. Gather up your dog-loving friends and take advantage of bulk prices on dog toys. By buying with friends you can buy a lot more varieties of toys than if you bought in batches by yourself.
  8. Go stuffingless. Yes there are such toys and no stuffing means nothing for your dog to destroy and destuff.
  9. Learn your dog’s play style. It might take some toys, but knowing if your dog is a toy destroyer and how they like to destroy can help you
  10. Shop at lower price stores. Some of my favorite stores to find good stuffy dog toys at are discount stores like Big Lots and Ollies where you can find quality toys at a lower price . Other stores you may want to check out are Tuesday Morning and TJ Maxx.

    Here are some toys that fit some of the tips I’ve given.

    Tuffy brand soft toys are a favorite of mine. They have multiple layers of material and stitching that make it harder for your dog to get through.

    I’ll admit it. Sometimes I enjoy watching how much fun my dogs have destuffing a toy. But not every toy. These Skinneeez Stuffingless Toys mean no toys destroyed for their stuffing.

    Buying in multipacks can bring the cost per toy down. Stash the extras away for the future.

    With so many ways to save on dog toys, your dog doesn’t have to forego fun. Pick one or two tips to start with.

    Have you tried any of these tips?

    Do you have a favorite tip for saving money on dog toys?

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